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Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want and do!
Emanuel Swedenborg (via bmwwillo)

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The thing about happiness is…
it isn’t determined by others,
it isn’t found in others,
you can’t buy it
and you can’t own it.
You can only feel it
when you free yourself
from your own expectations,
when you open your heart
and accept
The thing about happiness is…
it’s already in you
waiting to be acknowledged.
Mysha Brolins (via myshabrolins)

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This is me by Sarah Ann Walker


4.5 stars- Spoiler Alert

I don’t know how to describe how utterly devastating & heartbreaking this book is. It is one of the hardest book i read so far. (this and may be the child called it) I need a long hug to recover from this. 

I was so happy when the second book was announced ! Suzanne is alive !! she’s alive and after all they went through they deserve a happy ever after!! but why why why why they have to endure so much more pain ??! 
why can’t it be easy??! why can’t Suzanne be well ?? why can’t she just be better ??

Z you are a saint !!!!! I love you ! I give you 10 fucking star for the boy friend of the year. I cried for a very single pain you endure. At some point I did believe Marcus was right in saying loving Suzanne is exhausting. I feel exhausted , for Z, for fighting his happy ever after. At some point I feel like giving up on Suzanne. I feel like slapping her every single time she pushed Z away and runs for Mack. Every time that happen my heart breaks for Z. 

I cried for Z, I ache for for Mack and both Kayla , I was deeply sadden for Marcus. Why do they have to suffer so much along with Suzanne. Fate is cruel , love feels so cruel. 

Her whole life is a tragedy, it’s not her fault but I feel for her, I understand her craziness , I understood her confusion and I empathise with her numbness. Reading through her words putting my self in her shoe, sometimes i feel like I am her i could be her if given the same life fuck up events happens. If all that happen to me fuck, I want to feel fucking numb. It’s fucking overwhelming. This whole book is so overwhelming, gut wrenching devastating. 

I endured it , praying till the end until they found their happy ending. Praying Suzanne is finally well. But that ending, that fucking ending , that giggle ????? Does that mean she still sick??Whyy?? don’t let her be sick any more !!! I’m not accepting that!!!!!